Our first “It Needs to Get Better” video submission!

We are thrilled to pass along the first “It Needs to Get Better” video submission.  It comes from Amy Yoder McGloughlin— the pastor of Germantown Mennonite Church, and a 1994 graduate of Eastern University.  Also featured in the video is a possible future EU grad— Amy’s daughter, Reba.  It is an excellent video, and a great start to this campaign.  Thanks, Amy & Reba!  Click below to watch the video…

Periodically, we will be emailing the administration of Eastern University the links to newly posted videos.  Within the next week or so, there will also be a video page on this website where all submitted videos will be linked.  This is a great start and we anxiously await more submissions!  Please email videos, links, or contact info to videos@oneastern.com.  We can’t wait to share yours!

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