Responses to Dr. Duffett

Today, we’re announcing a new section for the OneEastern website. Dr. Duffett’s signature on a letter asking for an exemption to a ban on discrimination, as well as his subsequent reasoning for why he signed the letter- both have caused a number of passionate responses to be written and shared through email and social media. We believe these voices are important, and as a result, have created a new section of the website for “Responses to Dr. Duffett“.  The concept is simple, we hope to bring together as many responses as possible to a single place so that it is easy to see how deeply Eastern University’s policies affect its community, and so that we each recognize that we are not alone.

Posts can be sent to  If you would like to include a photo, and brief bio for the post, that would be welcome.  We will continually update the post page, and plan to regularly feature responses on the front page of website.

And the petition asking Dr. Duffett to rescind his request for the ability to discriminate against LGBT individuals at Eastern University is still active at

Stay strong!

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